Case Study

Transforming Blazing Embers: Resolving Core Web Vitals Issues and Boosting Performance for Success

The Result


Increase in traffic


Increase in monthly revenue


Increase in conversion rate


Blazing Embers is an e-commerce platform specializing in high-quality outdoor furniture and accessories. They offer a wide range of products to enhance outdoor living spaces. However, Blazing Embers faced several challenges with their website’s performance, which adversely affected their SEO ranking and user experience.

The Challenge

Blazing Embers encountered several critical issues that needed to be addressed urgently: The website failed to meet the core web vital requirements, resulting in a negative impact on their SEO ranking. This hindered their visibility in search engine results. The LCP metric for mobile users was excessively high, with a staggering 23-second load time. This delay significantly affected user experience and discouraged potential customers from engaging with the website. The website suffered from CLS problems, causing unexpected layout shifts and disrupting user interactions. This issue prevented the website from receiving passing scores on core web vitals assessments. The images on the website were not properly optimized, leading to slow loading times and increased page weight. The website had a high page weight, resulting in prolonged loading times. This caused browsers to spend excessive time downloading assets, preventing users from quickly accessing the content they desired. The page weight was measured at 14 MB using the Pingdom tool.


To overcome these challenges, our team implemented the following solutions: We conducted a thorough analysis and resolved the core web vital issues, ensuring compliance with the latest standards. This resulted in significant improvements in website performance. To address the high LCP on mobile devices, we implemented preloading techniques to optimize the delivery of the largest contentful paint. This significantly reduced load times, enhancing the user experience. By adhering to theme design best practices, we resolved the cumulative layout shift issues. This ensured a seamless and uninterrupted user experience, enabling the website to receive passing scores on core web vitals assessments. We optimized all images on the website to reduce their file sizes without compromising quality. This led to faster loading times and improved overall performance. Through various optimization techniques, we successfully reduced the page weight from 14 MB to an impressive 2 MB. This drastic reduction significantly improved website loading times and enhanced user satisfaction.

What our Customer Says

The expertise and dedication of the team at TheCommerceShop were invaluable in resolving our website’s performance issues. They not only optimized our core web vitals but also improved our overall user experience. Our SEO ranking improved, and we witnessed a noticeable increase in our conversion rate. Thanks to their efforts, our website is now faster, more reliable, and capable of handling increased user traffic. We highly recommend TheCommerceShop for their exceptional services.

Results Obtained

The implementation of our solutions yielded the following results for Blazing Embers.

  • Blazing Embers successfully met the core web vital requirements on both mobile and desktop, resulting in improved SEO ranking and enhanced online visibility. With the core web vitals issues resolved, Blazing Embers experienced improvements in their search engine results, driving more organic traffic to their website.
  • The optimized website provided a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience for visitors, reducing bounce rates and increasing user engagement. The improved website performance and enhanced user experience led to a significant boost in conversion rates, translating into higher sales and revenue for Blazing Embers.
  • The optimized website’s faster loading times and improved user experience contributed to a notable reduction in the customer bounce rate. Visitors were more likely to stay on the site, explore products, and make purchases. Blazing Embers underwent load testing to assess the website’s performance under high traffic conditions. The results showed significant improvements, indicating that the website was now capable of handling a larger number of concurrent users without sacrificing performance or user experience.