Case Study

Enhanced B2B Leads with WooCommerce Migration for Top-Tier Automotive Dealer

The Result


Increased profits by


Increase in new user rate by


Transaction rate enhanced by


iLusso is an luxury automotive dealership that specializes in high-end, exotic vehicles. Established in 1998, iLusso is known for its exceptional customer service, extensive inventory, and expertise in the luxury automotive market. The dealership has a team of experienced professionals who offer personalized attention and expert guidance throughout the entire purchasing process. iLusso’s inventory includes some of the most sought-after exotic vehicles in the world, including brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche. The dealership is a community of luxury automotive enthusiasts who share a passion for the finest vehicles in the world, and they invite both seasoned collectors and first-time buyers to experience the iLusso difference.

The Challenge

The luxury automotive industry is a competitive market, and selling high-end vehicles presents unique challenges. iLusso faced several challenges in their efforts to sell luxury cars, manage enquiries, and generate leads, as well as with spam and bad leads. One of the biggest challenges was managing enquiries. As a luxury dealership, iLusso received a high volume of enquiries from interested buyers, and it became increasingly difficult to keep track of them all. This made it difficult to provide a personalized experience for each potential customer and resulted in missed opportunities for sales. Generating high-quality leads was another significant challenge. While iLusso had a strong reputation and an extensive inventory of luxury vehicles, it was challenging to attract the right target audience and convert them into qualified leads.


To address the challenges faced by iLusso, we implemented several solutions. We integrated spam combating modules like Google Captcha and Clickcease Fraud Protection to reduce spam emails and improve lead quality. We also built a custom form for lead generation, allowing iLusso to collect valuable information from potential customers. By integrating with HubSpot, we provided iLusso with a comprehensive tool for enquiry management and lead nurturing. We continued to work with iLusso for approximately 2-3 months, optimizing their lead generation process and improving the performance of their website. With these solutions in place, iLusso was better equipped to manage enquiries, generate high-quality leads, and provide a personalized experience for each potential customer.

What our Customer Says

The implementation of Clickcease Fraud Protection resulted in a significant reduction in spam leads, enhancing the quality of the leads generated. This, coupled with a faster website, helped increase lead generation, resulting in more qualified leads. Overall, the combination of these measures improved the effectiveness of iLusso’s lead generation efforts and provided a more streamlined experience for potential customers.

Results Obtained

To improve the customer journey and increase sales, the eCommerce brand saw significant growth in revenue gain by 51.86%, a substantial increase in new user rate by 78.71%, and a considerable jump in transaction rate by 51.59%.