Don’t Let Slow Page Speeds Hurt Your Website Traffic

May 22, 2024 | Posted by: Naveen M

Are you worried about your ecommerce website’s low traffic numbers?

When site visitors can’t access the information they’re looking for quickly and easily, your store won’t be able to attract and retain customers.

Traffic drop due to Page speed is one of the most important factors that influence a customer’s decision to buy from your website.

If page speed isn’t up to snuff, then users may find themselves frustrated with long loading times or errors when trying to navigate through your ecommerce site.

Read on to learn more about the correlation between page speed and traffic, as well as what you can do to improve it!

Slow-loading Websites Affect SEO Performance

Google crawls your website, reads all the text, images, and other assets, and then analyses your website based on the data it collects.

Once done, it ranks the website in the results based on the collected data. Websites that take too long to load aren’t ranked as they are not user-friendly.

The indexing time of your website is an important factor for SEO. If the loading time is high, Google might not be able to finish crawling your content and might drop your site from its index.

Google Takes Time To Process Websites

The crawler that reads and processes the pages of your website is called Googlebot.

How long does it take for the bot to crawl your pages?

The bot might visit over 1 billion websites each day. It may take a long time for your website to get processed by the bot.

While we can’t control our website’s crawling speed, we can ensure that we have the right code and images on our pages.

A professional web developer who can build your responsive website can help a lot here.

Google Bot Crawls Websites Based On Rank

When the bot crawls your website, it reads the pages and stores the content of your website in its cache.

The next time the bot visits your site, it doesn’t have to load the pages again, as all the content is already in its cache.

The bot has a recommended Google ranking algorithm that tags all the pages of your website and keeps a record of the rank for each page.

The bot uses the information about your pages to decide whether to crawl your website.

So, if the bot decides that your website doesn’t deserve to be crawled, your website will never get indexed by Google.

Googlebot crawls pages based on their rank. If a page has a low rank, the bot won’t visit that page.

Website Loading Speed Is An Anchor Point For SEO

Googlebot crawls your pages, reads the content and uses that data to decide whether to keep your website in its index.

After the bot has read all the content, it determines the loading speed of your website. If the speed of your pages is higher, the bot will be able to process your pages quickly.


Ultimately, the SEO performance of your website is majorly determined by the loading speed.

A slow-loading website can affect your SEO performance, especially for mobile devices. It makes sense to speed up your website and get better SEO results.

You can improve the loading speed of your website by avoiding Javascript and images so that your pages can be crawled quickly.

You can also use a CDN to load your pages faster, so your website stays on the index.



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